Writing about this country is not easy – I can say that I have lived some of my best experiences in life in Sri Lanka, amongst this unbelievable natural beauty, on this island full of contradictions, with a heavy history, and characterized by religious traditions and what feels at times a constant army presence. What captured my interest was the families and their constellations. The way families live together is so much different than everything we experience in Europe at the moment. The family has a much higher value based on respect towards elderly people, but at the same time there are many constraints and taboos, arranged marriages are common. In Sri Lanka I witnessed the saddest bride ever and I assisted a menstruation party with a very insecure adolescent, with many very drunk men around. 
Not easy at all and so far from everything I’ve lived before. Nevertheless, when I arrive at Colombo airport my heart smiles, it feels like coming home somehow.

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