gaining ground

gaining ground is about young women who are slowly starting to reconnect with their bodies and themselves after suffering from an eating disorder. The pictures are a result of long discussions with the subjects; as such, the connections I made with these young women form an important aspect of this work. The strength that they put into their daily struggle with themselves particularly impressed me. Under constant pressure, they move between two extremes: freshly gained self-confidence and recurrent self-loathing; happiness with their attractiveness and dismay with their looks; outward constructive action and inward destructive aggression.
This emotional space, as impressive as it is contrary, shapes the aesthetic of the pictures. The pictures capture the inner tension of self-doubts released during the light-hearted moment of "putting oneself on show". The women get an authentic experience of their own bodies, while the viewer gets the opportunity to respectfully take part in this emotion.
The photographs in the light boxes were taken by the women themselves and give a very personal insight into moments of wellbeing and contentment. They show different perspectives of their lives, the hopes they have, and the strategies they use in trying to make a more harmonious future with themselves.

5 c-prints
80 x 100 cm, framed

3 light boxes

opening: 9.11. 2012, 19:00
place: Hotel Altstadt / the hall – Kirchengasse 41, 1070 Vienna
duration: 10.– 23. November 2012
every day 16 - 20:00