adolescence l

Adolescence is a period of life that is particularly affected by strong feelings and emotional instability. Many young adults experience loneliness and isolation; with this comes the time to focus on one's self. The desire to become an adult is strong, but at the same time this process scares. Nothing is clear, nothing is secure. This phase of life is marked by an extreme vulnerability, and a shift from family to friends starts to form.
In this photography series, I point out the different sides of growing up. I show scenes that focus on the mixed emotions, but also on the power of the feelings, that come in the time when a child starts to become an adult. It was also very important for me to try and capture what these girls experience in their adolescence that will mark them and that could represent a decisive turning point in their lives.

The series "adolescence" began in 2005 in Vienna (Austria) and South Tirol (Italy) and was continued in 2009 in Vienna and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

10 c-prints, 100 x 100 cm, on aluminum.

The work was presented in Vienna, Bad Ischl, Braunau and Bolzano (I).